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We all have sound tastes that we love to hear; birds chirping or rain on the roof maybe? But certain sounds are not appealing at all; traffic horns, loud TV, a crying baby outside, or unwanted loud music. We call it noise. The unpleasant sounds that we hear in our everyday life can impact our routine life and simply make survival difficult for us.  Noise can cause serious stress issues that are not easy to handle in the long run. If you are going through the same situation and looking for a reliable solution, you have come to the right place.

Noise doesn’t only disturb your everyday routine, but it can be highly accountable for your falling productivity at work, lack of sleep, and disorganized lifestyle. Noise pollution is very much troublemaking for those who live near construction sites, elderly neighbors who are used to high-volume TV, night clubs, or noisy bars.'


VocalBoothToGo - A Reliable Solution

VocalBoothToGo provides reliability that is driven by knowledge and expert solutions for noise-related issues. Whether it's your workplace, home, or your music recording room, all you need is an environment that is free of the nuisance that can make your life terrible. The products by VocalBoothToGo are manufactured to make your spaces noise-free.

Products by VocalBoothToGo come in a variety such as blankets, panels, ceiling track kits, hardware, and various other mechanisms that can make your space stress free for you. Before you find what VocalBoothToGo has to offer, let’s first know what mechanisms are effective when it comes to soundproofing your space.

Sound Absorption

Sound energy is transmitted from one place to another through waves. To reduce noise, a mechanism of absorption can be used with the help of a rubbery material. Such material absorbs the sound energy so that there is less sound energy to pass.


The process of damping includes the dissipation of vibrational energy that produces sound. To soundproof a space by dampening means to disperse the energy before it builds and radiate as sound.

Where to use VocalBoothToGo?

Soundproofing is required in different fields of life. An environment that is free of noise pollution can have a critical impact on people’s overall health and efficiency. A peaceful environment is very important for your workspace, home, and if you are a music enthusiast, your music home recording studio.

Firstly, soundproofing is a must at your workspace, whether it is your office or at home, you need a stress free environment to focus on your productivity. If your workspace is free of outside influence, you can work faster and more efficiently. Eventually, it saves you time and much energy that you might be putting to make your environment noise-free. VocalBoothToGo provides sound insulation booths that can block the outside noise and soundproof your workspace.


Secondly, whether it is your apartment or just a room, noise can disturb your everyday life by either ruining your nights of sleep or drilling your ears with unappealing sounds around you. In the long run, this can cause stress and many other mental health issues. Once your room or wherever you like to relax is soundproof, you can easily free yourself from the noise that is ruining your sleep.

Thirdly, not everybody can afford fully equipped studio setups for their recordings. Many music enthusiasts look for solutions that can work right in their homes.


If you have devoted a room at your apartment to record music or instrumental practices, then all you need is an effective soundproofing mechanism that can save you from outside distortion. VocalBoothToGo listens to such needs and manufactures full room treatments to soundproof your at-home studio.

VocalBoothToGo products

Products manufactured by VocalBoothToGo are made with diverse mechanisms that are effective for different purposes. People need soundproofing instruments according to where they want to install them and how they are gonna use them in their daily life.

1.       Acoustic Blankets

The producer’s choice of acoustic blankets come with high quality and durability. The sound absorption feature makes it ideal for your audio recording studio. Made with vertical 2 inch parallel stitching, the cotton fibres inside get thicker for better sound absorption. The acoustic blankets by VocalBoothToGo are heavy as compared to the moving blanket because of the greater amount of fibre. Furthermore, the colour combination made with Black and White gives you the freedom to either lighten up your space or reduce light reflection.

The blankets come in different sizes and are installed differently. Whether you choose to make your studio soundproof or want to cover the whole wall from floors to ceiling, the Acoustic Blankets are ideal to protect you from outside sound interference. Regardless of the size and design, all the blanket products have the same soundproofing ability.

2.       Sound Barrier Products

Usually, noise can penetrate through windows and doors much easily. If you want a panel-like instalment to make your space soundproof then VocalBoothToGo provides a wide range of products that are used on the doors and windows.


These multi-layered products cover each corner of doors and windows when closed so that sound energy doesn’t penetrate inside. If you are tired of the traffic noise coming inside from the windows, one of the products is Window Noise Block Panels that seal the gaps around the window frame. Similarly, the products made by VocalBoothToGo are used on the doors as well to make your space sound free.


3.       Mobile Acoustic Vocal Booths

A wide range of Acoustic Vocal Booths by VocalBoothToGo are used for events, live recordings and studio sessions. These isolating enclosures are mobile and ideally designed for voice over recording, singing and music practice as well as any other activities that require your full concentration and zero sound transmission around your space.

The product is made with a sound-absorbing acoustic blanket on the inside. The outer wall is made up of a limp mass barrier combined with the support of a metal frame. The Travel Tripod Stand for VOMO comes under the umbrella of acoustic booths that helps you make your recordings with style and efficiency. Also, with the Carry-On Vocal Booth Pro 1.0, you can make quality recording anywhere you want. Overall, these acoustic booths bring flexibility to your workspace. You can move around with these booths quite easily without hasslefree equipment required for a high-end recording environment.

4.       Home Recording Studio Essentials

If you are looking for comfort with your home recording studio setup, then VocalBoothToGo studio essentials will do great for you. Home recording can be difficult without the necessary equipment that helps you make high-end recordings while staying at home. These essentials all come in a wide range of Home Recording Studio Essentials provided by the VocalBoothToGo. The essentials include a microphone stand, Led light, an iPad holder, and an iPad stand that can take your recording experiences to another level. VocalBoothToGo manufactures a frame kit that combinedly makes an efficient recording setup for you.

5.       Room Treatment Products

When we say room treatment, we mean providing a full-fledged treatment that makes your room echo-free and reduces reflection. The room treatment products are the noise control products that are in the form of an anti-vibration floor mat, vocal booth, wall track kits, sound absorption strips etc, that are all used with different approaches and mechanisms. The products that were discussed earlier are categorized as the room treatment products that work differently to make your recording room just the way you want it.


VocalBoothToGo products can help you make your life stress free by providing you spaces free of noise. Not only that, with these products you no longer need to have special studios for recordings because with the soundproofing gadgets by VocalBoothToGo, all of it is now possible right in your home.






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