The Handy Review

I have had this product for a little over three weeks now and I have to say that The Handy is amazing. It is clear that the people who designed it know what they are doing and I look forward to the modifications and updates they make in the future. If all you are looking for is a buy or don’t buy, I say buy.

The Handy came in a discrete box. The Handy box itself was covered in bubble wrap and fit perfectly in the box it shipped in. Inside The Handy box you get the main product, a sleeve for the product, an instruction manual, a little bottle of lube, and the power cable. The sleeve is already hooked up to The Handy, which I really like so you can see how it is supposed to work. The build quality seems quite good. Nothing on it feels cheap and the Velcro is replaceable in case you want something different.

Setting up the Handy wasn’t too bad but I agree with all the other reviews in that setting up the wifi for The Handy can be a pain. I had to look online for the instructions because they were not in the booklet, or maybe I am blind and didn’t see it. I had to use my phone to set The Handy up. Once I was connected The Handy updated itself.
I then went to the handyfeeling website and did a dry run of the product. I connected The Handy to the website using the code that is associated with The Handy (generated when setting up the wifi) and played one of the videos that The Handy simulates the movements on. The movements seemed to match really well so whoever created the script did a good job. I also measured the dB of the device on max settings. I read a max of 75 dB on max settings with the device right next to the microphone, with no sleeve inserted and slight pressure against the sleeve holder to make The Handy oscillate faster.

After that test I did the feel test. I tried the Handy in all its glory. The first time using it was absolutely amazing. Some people don’t like the sleeve it came with but I really enjoyed it. Testing all the different synch videos was a blast. Using the Valve Index added a whole new layer to The Handy’s synch ability. I was blown away. I had bought an AutoBlow 2 when it first came out and I really enjoyed that. For the time it was the best we could get. The Handy blows the AutoBlow 2 out of the water but what did you expect the AutoBlow 2 is almost 7 years old now. One of the features of The Handy is the ability to swap the sleeve in and out with whatever you want. I bought a few different style anoholes to try out. The Handy just wasn’t built to handle an anohole sadly. Really only one worked decently. You need to get one that is cylindrical and is of medium or higher in firmness. If you get something that is too soft then the anohole just flops around. If you get something with an entrance that is bulbus or that has small legs then the Velcro that holds the anohole to The Handy won’t hold the anohole properly. You need to make sure the anohole’s entrance is basically flush with the bottom of the Velcro, maybe go ¼ of an inch lower than the Velcro. Using a disposable sleeve with the handy actually works really well. The disposable sleeves are similar in size to the one that comes with The Handy so there is very little finagling. Being the madman I am I also tried The Handy with only a sock. Please don’t try this. While, yes I was able to get off, I also had a blister on my dick the size of a dime. Totally worth it for science.

You can find different programs to make your own scripts for controlling The Handy. I couldn’t find one that comes from the makers of The Handy but you can find some good free ones. These have a slight learning curve and I was able to make my first script in about an hour. For those wondering I used “JoyFunScripter.”

Overall this product is amazing. You need a little bit of tech savyness to get the most out of it but if you dedicate some time into learning its nuances then you will have a product that will keep on giving. I cant say much for the longevity of the device in terms of the physical device but The Handy seems solid. If I encounter anything else then I will update the review. Now stop reading this and go buy it already!

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