Seatylock Foldylock Compact Review

Our Verdict

Remember Goldilocks and the porridge? This is how our reviewers felt about the Seatylock Foldylock CompactFor bike enthusiasts or bike commuters who are already weighed down by belongings and who may have to tackle hills, this model delivers just enough security without a whole lot of weight. It isn't all that different from other folding locks we've tested in the past. They offer more protection than cable locks (by far) and are easier to use and carry than the more secure options. When comparing this lock to the best bike locks in our review, we think it's best for quick stops in low to medium risk areas and cyclists who value portability and versatility over security.
Versatile and easy to carry around
Less secure than U-locks
Not quite long enough
Heaviest folding lock tested

Our Analysis and Test Results

The downsides of the FoldyLock Compact are situational: meaning if you live in a big city, attend classes on a large college campus, or your commute bike costs more than some people's cars, then this lock is probably not for you. However, this little lock did impress us: it wasn't compromised with bolt cutters even when our tester used her whole body weight to break the lock. It also defeated several drill bits — enough to make a thief think about the ROI of hanging out for several minutes with a growing pile of busted drill bits.

Performance Comparison

seatylock foldylock compact bike lock review - the foldylock's unique design allows you the flexibility (literally)...
The FoldyLock's unique design allows you the flexibility (literally) to lock to some pretty unusual situations, like this dog-shaped bike rack. (Side note: they make dog-shaped bike racks?!?)
Credit: Rebecca A. Eckland


Honestly, this lock is pretty darn secure. It surprised us, especially as it's portable and relatively lightweight. Granted, we wouldn't lock up our lead tester's $10,000 time-trial bike with this lock and dash off to Chemistry 101 at NYU, but this lock is a pretty solid deterrent for most low to medium-security situations. It proved unbreakable in our tests when it comes to hammers, wire cutters, hacksaws, and even bolt cutters (we so loved this!). We do suspect that a more seasoned bolt-cutting thief might be able to compromise this lock, though.

seatylock foldylock compact bike lock review - don't say we didn't try: our testers put their whole being into...
Don't say we didn't try: our testers put their whole being into testing these locks, including the bolt cutters on the FoldyLock Compact. This little lock surprised us. It withstood even our most aggressive assaults.
Credit: Rebecca A. Eckland

This lock faltered when a bike thief employed serious tactics like a cordless angle grinder. It took our experts 11 seconds to slice through the Foldy, which isn't that much time. It also didn't throw firework-sparks like some of the heavier-duty locks, oddly enough. While the ABUS uGrip Bordo 5700 stood up to an angle grinder a bit better (still compromised, but it took longer), it was easily defeated by a cordless drill targeted at its joints. The Foldylock was exactly the opposite: it withstood the drill and hacksaw but quickly sliced the angle grinder.

seatylock foldylock compact bike lock review - before you ask us: "am i seeing this right?" the answer is: yes...
Before you ask us: "Am I seeing this right?" The answer is: yes, those are two mountain bike tires secured to a bike rack with no issues at all. We loved this lock for its ability to accommodate pretty much all situations you'll ride yourself into.
Credit: Rebecca A. Eckland

Ease of Transport

This testing metric is a big selling point for the FoldyLock Compact; even though it extends to 33" when it's unfolded, it becomes a compact 7.45" long when folded up and ready to roll. So, if you're backpacking a bunch of other items, such as books, a laptop, a camera, etc., the FoldyLock is not a big hassle to bring along for the ride. The lock easily fits inside of a bag, can be mounted to the frame, or easily fits inside a jersey pocket for the recreational cyclist looking for extra protection at pitstops.

seatylock foldylock compact bike lock review - the portability of the foldylock compact made it a pleasure to carry...
The portability of the FoldyLock Compact made it a pleasure to carry around town. The bike mount adapts to your bottle cage, so you don't have to remove your bottle holder. It also comes with straps to mount to other parts of the bike frame.
Credit: Rebecca A. Eckland

This is NOT the case with heavier U-Locks like the Kryptonite New York Standard U-Lock or Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock Mini, which are big and heavy. Compared to the ABUS uGrip Bordo 5700, though, the FoldyLock weighs about half a pound more and folds down to a larger, longer shape than the Bordo.

seatylock foldylock compact bike lock review - up close and personal with the foldycompact: the joints allow you to...
Up close and personal with the FoldyCompact: the joints allow you to manipulate the lock easily. Due to the coating on the hardened steel, it really doesn't scratch up your frame as much as other options.
Credit: Rebecca A. Eckland

Ease of Use

It doesn't get much easier than inserting a key and turning the lock to either lock or unlock the product, although the Bordo does it — you don't need the key inserted to lock that lock. With the FoldyLock Compact, you need the key to turn the locking mechanism for locking and unlocking it. Nonetheless, with the turn of a key, your bike is locked up with minimal effort. The locking mechanism is smooth and easy to use. Additionally, the FoldyLock comes with three keys total, so if you're prone to losing things, you have two backup keys.

The locking mechanism is smooth and easy to use. However, you do...
The FoldyLock Compact is indeed that: it fits easily into a jersey...
If you've ever unlocked a house or car door, then you're all set to...

This model can lock a bike to pretty much any reasonable structure with relative ease. The six panels attached by rivets are flexible enough to wrap around pretty much anything. The only constraint, as with all locks, is the size. Yet, the lock dimensions are enough to accommodate road and mountain tires in our tests.

View from above: the FoldyLock easily fits around most bike tires...
We parked this road bike outside our favorite cafe and it took only...


The FoldyLock Compact is a highly versatile lock that will easily accommodate your biking gear, such as a road or mountain bike, in most locking situations, similar to the ABUS uGrip Bordo 5700. The individual folding plates do a pretty good job hooking up to tricky structures. Where this lock falters is in higher-risk areas. Suppose you need a lock with similar versatility for a high-risk area, then we recommend the Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 U-Lock, which combines the security of a U-Lock with the flexibility of a cable.

seatylock foldylock compact bike lock review - need to stop at a watering hole? the foldylock--which can fit into...
Need to stop at a watering hole? The FoldyLock--which can fit into your jersey pocket--is a potential solution for low-to-medium risk situations.
Credit: Rebecca A. Eckland

Should You Buy the Seatylock Foldylock Compact?

The FoldyLock won't protect your bike in high-risk situations, but it does a great job on the schoolyard at the cafe in a small town while offering no noticeable difference to your ride, whether it's mounted to your frame or in your jersey pocket.

Is it tea time? The FoldyCompact is more than enough security for...
Our verdict on the FoldyLock: this highly versatile lock should be...

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