Sauna Space Review – Boost Your Health With Light Therapy

What is Sauna Space?

Sauna Space is a brand which produces infrared light and heat therapy saunas and accessories. The saunas offer high performance, are easy to assemble, and have numerous health benefits like boosting the immune system, detoxifying the body, decreasing pain and inflammation, boosting mood and brain health, and many others. Here are the top products:

Luminati Infrared Sauna – Compact and portable sauna which has no EMFs and offers amazing health benefits.

Faraday Infrared Sauna – Powerful sauna which blocks harmful EMFs so you stay safe while you boost your health.

Photon Infrared Therapy Light – Photon light which offers health benefits on the go, as its highly compact and portable

FeaturesLight and Heat Therapy
FormFull Spectrum Infrared Saunas
Health BenefitsStrengthening the Immune System, Repairing Tissue, Lessening Joint Pain and Inflammation, Brain Health, Sleep, Mood, Detoxing the Body
ComponentsNear and Far Infrared Light
TypeFull Spectrum Infrared Saunas

How Does It Rate?

Overall Rating: 3.6

Value For Cost

3.6/5Value For Cost
Return Policy

3.7/5Return Policy


Brand Highlights

  • The primary sauna products have an enclosure covering the Tungsten Infrared Sauna Panel which serves as the base.
  • There is also a grounding mat and stool inside. All of the materials for the products are completely organic.
  • They offer infrared light and heat therapy combined, and the bulbs are the manufacturer’s own technology.
  • A review in the Journal of Chemical Neuroanatomy looked at the evidence that EMFs produce widespread neuropsychiatric effects including depression [1].


  • Sauna Space can decrease cellulite on the skin
  • These products can detoxify the body
  • Sauna Space can elevate cognitive performance.
  • These products can boost the immune system.
  • Sauna Space Infrared can speed up workout recovery


  • Sauna Space is only for sale on the manufacturer’s website.
  • Your order processing takes 8-10 weeks.
  • High demand sometimes leads to low stock.

How Does Sauna Space Work?

The saunas use both heat therapy, which detoxifies the body, and the full near and far infrared spectrum of light. Infrared light therapy send photons deep into the body at different points, depending on the wavelength.

The photons activate the mitochondria of the cells, which stimulate the release of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). An article in Journal of Functional Foods explored the health and ergogenic potential of ATP [2].

As it powers all of the cells in your body, this promotes numerous benefits like pain reduction, brain health, tissue repair, strengthening the immune system, and others. An article in BBA Clinical discussed phtobiomodulation for brain disorders [3].

Sauna Space Design Considerations

These saunas are carefully crafted and have a design that makes them easy to put together and use for any customer. They include only organic materials and use no chemicals or oils in the crafting of the saunas. The product acts as a shield against harmful EMFs, keeping you safe. These saunas have analog instead of digital controls because they tend to last for a longer time.

Sauna Space – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How to Use Sauna Space?

A: Pre-heat the sauna by turning it on 10-15 minutes before your session. Undress before stepping in and drink some water to make sure you don’t get dehydrated. Your sessions should be about 20 minutes when you first start using the sauna. You can work your way up to 60 minutes, but no longer than that.

Enter the sauna and stand about 8-30 inches away from the panel. Rotate your body about every 2-5 minutes so you reach every area. When you’re done, shut off the sauna and make sure to drink more water.

Q: Where Can You Buy Sauna Space?

A: At the moment, you can only purchase these products on the manufacturer’s official website. Here are the prices of some of the most popular items:

  • Luminati Infrared Sauna – $2,999.99
  • Faraday Infrared Sauna – $5499.99
  • Shower Sauna Conversion Kit – $1,999.99
  • Sauna Stool – $249.99
  • Sauna Enclosure Kit – $1779.99
  • Photon Infrared Therapy Light – $349.99
  • Photon Desk Arm – $249.99
  • Photon Soft Case – $279.99
  • Tungsten Infrared Sauna Panel – $999.99
  • Tungsten Pedestal – $249.99

Q: What is the Sauna Space Return Policy?

A: Sauna Space Infrared Sauna has a 100-day free trial on their saunas, as well as all of their other products. They will send you the product, and if you’re not happy with it after 100 days send it back and you’ll get a full refund. Most of the items in their line have a 10 year warranty.

Q: Who Should Use Sauna Space?

A: Sauna Space Infrared products are ideal for any adult who wants to relax and lower their stress levels, boost general health and immunity, and experience a wealth of other benefits like elevated mood, better brain health, and decreased pain and inflammation.

Q: Does Sauna Space Really Work?

AInfrared saunas are fairly new, but there is already research demonstrating their benefits in cardiovascular wellness and other health issues [4]. The advantages of infrared and heat therapy in general are already established. These products do really work, and you only have to look as far as the customer reviews to see that this is a fact.

Q: What Sets Sauna Space Apart From the Competition?

A: The company’s focus on sustainability really stands out and shows in their products which comprise only organic materials. In addition, the saunas have an incredible, intricate design which is superior to many other brands. Finally, the combination of far and near infrared light therapy with heat therapy is somewhat unique and makes the products special.

Q: What Do the Sauna Space Reviews Say?

A: For the most part, the reviews of Sauna Space were very good. Many users said the saunas really changed their lives for the better, in terms of mood and stress levels, decreased pain and inflammation, and even better memory and attention.

Youtube video

SaunaSpace Sauna Review ?? Near Infrared FTW! (Video Credit: YouTube)

Anytime you plan to buy a new product, you must do your own research to learn as much about it as possible. You want to make sure you are knowledgeable so you get exactly what you want. Here are some links about infrared light therapy and saunas to get you started.

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Sauna Space – Conclusion

Sauna Space is a brand which offers near and far infrared light therapy saunas combined with heat therapy. The heat therapy serves to detox the body, and the infrared light therapy provides a wealth of health benefits like relief from joint or muscle pain, tissue repair, wound healing, boosting brain health and mood, and many others. The saunas and other products include only organic, sustainable materials.

Most of the reviews of Sauna Space had great things to say about the product they bought, and they loved the amazing benefits it provided them with. Customers also said the saunas were easy to put together and use and had a beautiful design that went well in their home. There was no mention of side effects or discomfort.

Sauna Space produces products that are high on quality, performance, and sustainability. In addition, they are very safe and have low levels of EMFs. There are no harmful side effects associated with using them. This is a reputable company which we would highly recommend.

Product reviews are provided for informational purposes only and reflect solely the views and opinions expressed by the contributors and not those of Consumer Health Digest. We do not verify or endorse any claims made in these reviews. Please read the full product reviews disclaimer. *All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

  1. Sauna Space therapy quite pricy..
    My husband decided to do Sauna Space therapy. And he did , But according to his reviews, this therapy is not worked for him. It slowly help to reduce joint pain but not that effective. And this therapy is very costly.
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