Relax Sauna Review

The Relax Sauna is likely the portable sauna you’ve been looking for.  Among the portable saunas, there are some unique features and benefits you get using the Relax Sauna, that are different than most other portable infrared saunas.

For starters, the Relax Sauna tent is very unique, which I’ll talk about in detail below. But the main difference between the Relax Sauna and other portable saunas, is the operating temperature. This is by far, the hottest portable infrared sauna on the market (if you want it to be).

It does have selectable heaters, so if you’re looking for a gentle infrared heat, and want to build up to more intense heat to make more heat shock proteins at higher temperatures once your body gets used to it, this will work well for that.


After finishing the 30 for 30 sauna challenge, we used every portable sauna on the market back to back for weeks. And it wasn’t just me either… I had several other people that had no idea the difference between the portable saunas, and some folks that had never used a sauna before in their life jump in.

I tested every portable infrared sauna on the market…

The conclusion was pretty simple: the Relax sauna performed well from a dead cold start, meaning preheat time was almost non existent.  The EMF levels weren’t as low as I’d like them to be, but then again no portable sauna on the market is zero EMF. The nice thing about the Relax Sauna, is that they do keep the EMF at the feet, which is mostly away from the body. (one customer asked about the controller by the head, but it just snaps on if you don’t like it there… you can place it anywhere you choose.)

The chair itself is way above average, because most portable saunas come with a tiny little camping chair. This seems like a nitpicky point to bring up right? But when you’ve used a bunch of these units for hours at a time, the chair really does make a huge difference in how comfortable the portable sauna is.

Relax Sauna Review Cliff Notes:

You can see the details by clicking on the individual review videos, but here are the summary notes if you’re in a hurry:


  • Super fast preheat time
  • Hottest portable sauna on the market
  • Most compact tent when in storage
  • No support bar that must be removed when getting in and out of the tent
  • Much better chair than any other portable sauna brand offers
  • Largest tent space inside to move around without touching the sides of the tent (keeps your sweat off of more surface area = less cleaning)


  • Fan noise if that matters to you (it’s not a silent portable sauna)
  • Higher price but we found you get what you pay for in this case
  • Some higher EMF at the feet (note: NONE of the portable saunas are perfect, and we tested them all. The ones that claim to be zero EMF, or low electric field were completely false advertising and not honest at all)

Buy It Or Not?

Yep, buy it. If you’re looking for a good portable sauna that gets as hot as wooden far infrared saunas, this is a good choice.

Relax Saunas:

Relax Sauna Discount Code: use coupon code justice at checkout for an additional discount for our subscribers if you decide the Relax Sauna is right for your needs.

We had to make it fun after a while… 30 days of unit after unit was a LOT of testing!


The other thing we noticed using several portable sauna brands back to back, was the difference in temperature in the Relax Sauna. I commented on this in several of my videos, which we will add here later so you can see the difference when I was hopping from different brands in the same sauna session.

You didn’t have to wait for it to heat up, maybe 10 mins max if you wanted it to be a hotter temperature when you first jumped in. But we found that simple turning it on, making some water and electrolytes, was enough time to preheat and go.

Everyone always asks which portable sauna gets the hottest, and it’s the Relax for sure.

Far Infrared

To carry on from above about temperature, most are concerned with how hot the internal temperature gets. But this is a far infrared portable sauna, so it’s not to much the ambient air temp inside that matters most, it’s the far infrared output that’s heating the body.

Now the Relax Sauna is pretty unique when it comes to this. Instead of carbon infrared heating panels on three sides of the sauna tent like most portable saunas, it has two far infrared radiators down low in front that circulate the heat.

When FIR heaters heat the body, the air temp inside isn’t the driving factor in achieving core temperature increase of the body (hyperthermia), like in a steam sauna.

This sauna is incredibly effective at delivering a fast no hassle sweat, and is one of the best far infrared portable saunas on the market today.

Unique Benefits

There are some features of the Relax Sauna you may or may not know about. Let’s go over those now:

Portable Sauna Tent

Compared to all the portable saunas on the market, the Relax is the only one to claim to have a reflective sauna tent enclosure. Now I wouldn’t know how the Relax Sauna would perform using a regular style tent, so it’s not possible to quantify completely how much difference this makes in the way it builds heat.

However, the tent itself is very unique, in that it is not Nylon woven material like all the others. The one benefit to this material that I don’t see other people talking about that’s important, is that it doesn’t absorb moisture like a lot of the other sauna tents do.

Aside from the tent potentially being heat reflective, thereby recirculating existing heat within the sauna and reflecting far infrared (just being transparent: I have no way to substantiate this claim from Relax, but there must be a reason it’s the hottest portable sauna on the market in terms of temperature), the tent enclosure folds up in a unique way that makes it one of the smallest most packable saunas on the market.

Mini 1 Person Infrared Sauna

In fact, if you’re looking for the smallest, most portable, personal infrared sauna available, this is probably the smallest transportable package you will find.

I forgot to mention, that most portable saunas only fold up to their smallest large side. Meaning, the left or right wall in most portable infrared saunas doesn’t fold in half because it has flat panel heaters on it. So when you try to ship it, take it to another location, etc… the box or carrying case can only be so small.

With the Relax Sauna, it folds up much like a round sun visor that pops open.

Sorry if this is too much detail, but we have some massage therapists and rehab nurses that want to take this in their cars for work/patients… but some car trunks are simply not wide enough to fit the portable saunas that don’t fold up small enough.

If this is what you’re looking for, this sauna is the smallest packable size you’re going to find.


Here’s how the Relax Sauna compared to other portable saunas when we tested them all side by side for 30 days:

Therasage VS Relax Sauna

There are a lot of subtle differences between the Relax Sauna and Therasage that you’d never notice without using them side by side.

For starters, the Relax sauna tent itself is self supportive. Every other portable sauna tent has some type of support bar across the front. Not a huge deal, but for some people they love not having to get in, sip it up, then add the support bar across the front inside the tent.

The Relax Sauna supports itself with metal rods that go in when you assemble the sauna, and do not have to be taken out each time you unzip the tent to get in and out like other brands.

The EMF levels are different in these, where one has lower magnetic fields yet higher electric fields. The opposite is true on the other brand… so like I always say, no portable sauna is perfect. Both the Therasage and Relax sauna work well, and you will get a great detoxing sweat in either one.

The Relax does heat up faster, and it does get hotter if that’s what you’re looking for. The Therasage does have a NIR light addon option that the Relax does not if that’s what you’re looking for, even though I personally do not believe there is output in the therapeutic range to gain benefit from it. Either way, I want to tell you about the differences, this is just my opinion after using all the brands.

The chair in the Therasage absolutely leaves something to be desired. There is simply no comparison in this department. It’s a hard wooden, narrow chair, compared to the Relax Sauna’s higher end ergo design. Again, both saunas work well, and you will get benefit from either brand. But if you decide to buy the Therasage, I would invest in upgrading to a different chair than the one that comes with it.

The one part that I do like about the Therasage over the Relax sauna, is that it is silent. The Relax sauna has FIR radiators in it with fans, so it makes a fan noise when in use, and the timer also clicks quite a bit. Not a deal breaker, but hey we’re spending $1,000 bucks here so let’s cover all the bases so you know before you buy.

Relax VS Synergy Sauna

The Therasage and Synergy are almost like a spitting image of each other. So instead of saying the same stuff twice, most of the above comparison with the Therasage is almost exactly the same with the Synergy compared to Relax.

The one big difference is the price of the Relax sauna is $1,300, whereas the Synergy is $800 dollars, with the Therasage being about $900.

So the one thing everyone want to know… do I have to spend $1,300 to get the benefits? No you don’t, just pay attention to the creature comforts, because the more expensive unit is nicer and more comfortable.

The other thing I forget to mention between Synergy VS Therasage VS Relax Sauna is the tent size.

The Relax sauna has by far the biggest tent size to move around inside over any other brand. It is the most spacious portable sauna hands down.

Now you would think this will make it take longer to heat up, but that just isn’t the case here. It’s still also the fastest preheating portable sauna on the market too.

Durasage VS Relax Sauna

Now this is where things change. The Durasage has significantly higher EMF levels than the Relax, Synergy, and Therasage altogether. The tent quality is similar to the Therasage, but the chair is sometimes better sometimes not depending on the model you order.

This is the Durasage model we tested here.

While it’s quite a bit cheaper, the VOC & EMF levels are definitely lower at point of body contact in the Relax Sauna. The $200 and below portable saunas on Amazon like this one we tested get even worse.

I hate to say you get what you pay for, but the lower you go in budget under $400-500 dollars, it just becomes higher and higher EMF and poorer quality from there downward. Now the Durasage is still a step up from those, but not quite as refined as the others.

Relax VS Sunlighten Dome Sauna

Relax VS Higher Dose Sauna Blanket

I’m getting more and more questions about infrared sauna blankets, and how they compare to other portable sauna types. You can see my first test video on youtube so far, and it did not go well at all.

Aside from the high EMF in the Higher Dose sauna blanket, I simply did not build a full body sweat with the intensity that I do from portable or wooden infrared saunas. Like not even close… to the point where I think people buying infrared sauna blankets, have a false sense of security that their getting the true benefits of an infrared sauna detox.

You simply do not sweat anywhere close to the amount that you would in the Relax sauna, or any of the other good portable saunas. This is alarming to me, but full disclosure… someone from Higher Dose said I should have been wearing clothes to get the best experience in the blanket. I’ll have to retry this experiment, but I’m not sure how wearing anything will produce more sweat but am open to trying it again.

My gut tells me the blankets are not as effective as the tents or domes. There are also a absolute ton of blanket brands coming online, but it’s the same manufacturers overseas making them.

Where To Buy Your Relax Sauna

You can purchase the Relax Sauna at several places, ranging in price from $1,400 – $1,500. It’s slightly higher in price from other dealers and Amazon because of their fees. But you can buy your Relax Sauna direct, and use the coupon code below for a little discount as well, your choice. Some folks are willing to pay a higher price and buy through Amazon, other prefer it being a bit cheaper and buying direct from the HQ.

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