Pixel Union: Designing Project Management Software to Simplify Your Life

Pixel Union is a company that strives to make design as accessible and easy-to-use for everyone. The small, international team has been working on their first project management software: PX Project Manager. It's the perfect balance of simplicity and power, with an intuitive interface that makes managing projects from start to finish a breeze.

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The key features of PX Project Manager include:

-A to-do list with reminders that can be organized by project, priority or due date. The tasks are color coded and have a reminder alarm for when the task is coming up soon.

-Timelines integrated into Gantt charts so you never miss an important deadline again! Each timeline has its own series of events that move across as time progresses. You can also create your own timelines if needed.

-Dependencies in projects mean that when one event happens (task goes from active to done), all other dependent events will automatically update accordingly without any manual intervention required--no more lengthy email chains updating everyone about what's going on with the project!

Out of the Sandbox :

-Out of the Sandbox is a sandboxing tool for Photoshop that allows you to select shapes or colors and convert them into vector paths. The plugin also provides many preset settings including various patterns, gradients, fills, paintbrush strokes, brush styles as well as custom ones created by users within Adobe Illustrator.

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