Iron Flask Bottle Review

Iron Flask Bottles

I will start this Iron Flask Bottle Review by saying upfront, these bottles are the real deal. I purchased my first 40 oz Iron Flask Bottle about 6 months ago from Amazon. At the time I was using hand-me-down, thin, cheap aluminum bottles for my hikes and daily users. Once I purchased this 40 oz, tough 18/8 stainless steel bottle, I will not go back to anything else. It became my daily user and perfect bottle for day hikes. It holds enough water and keeps it cool the entire hike. The bottle has never become sweaty on the outside, and the contents surprise me when we’ve been hiking in the sun and they are still cool inside. It also comes with 3 different tops. The sports top with a straw feature gets the most use. If we have some coffee or hot drinks we want to bring along, we use the hot beverage lid. It can be for personal use with the classic flip-top, or we simply unscrew the top to share with a small group.

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Tough Stainless Steel Bottles

I also just received two new sizes of the bottle, and this has been awesome. The new 22 oz bottle I have fits into a cupholder and has become my go-to coffee cup. It is totally big enough for my coffee, and it stays crazy hot if I don’t drink it all in one go. It is pretty great having hot coffee even though you left the house hours ago. The slightly bigger, 32 oz is getting its use as well and has become my partner’s daily user. We both use our bottles for water daily and on our day hikes. So far they have been in cool mountains and trails as well as on hot summer beaches. These bottles are tough. They get good, hard use on the mountain treks. I also use mine while doing landscaping, farm work, and general outdoors stuff. The more these Iron Flask Bottles get used, they only look tougher.

New Lid Options

I don’t have anything to critice when I think about these bottles. When I bought my first Iron Flask Bottle, it came with a sports lid, that has a straw and rubbery tip for sucking out the water. This is amazing and the rubber tip is so intelligent. You never hit or hurt your teeth on a hard plastic nozzle. On the newer Iron Flask Bottles that I got, the new cold beverage lid is a typical water bottle sized mouthpiece with a screw off top. When you are drinking from this lid, it more resembles a bottle and has no straw option. After using this new lid for a month, I admit I do like it. However, on the bigger bottles that can get heavy, I like to use the sports lid with a straw. Both options are available online so be sure which one you are purchasing.

Screw Top

The new screw top does have some additional advantages. One cool feature is that it now has a rubber grip around the whole lid, making for easy for twisting on and off. It is also perfect for keeping the mouthpiece clean. On my sports lid,  dust and dirt tend to get on the mouthpiece, especially if I’m working or hiking in a dry place. With the new screw top, when you unscrew the nozzle, it is fresh and clean. You feel very confident using the lid without a second thought.

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Where to Buy Iron Flask

Most people will probably be using their Iron Flask Bottle as daily water bottles or coffee mugs. These bottles are perfect in both these situations. As mentioned earlier they work great for day hikes and have become an essential part of our packing list.


If this Iron Flask Bottle review has helped you make your decision you can check out a ton of sizes and colors here. Iron Flask Bottles come in 18, 22, 32, 40 64 ounce options and right now 11 different colors. There are two options available when shopping. One option gives you the sports lid and one option gives you the screw top. So you’ve got choices, get yours here!

Other Options

There are other stainless steel bottles available on the market. A lot in fact. Iron Flask Bottles are tough and the real deal. They are also affordable. When you see much more expensive options on the market (Yeti), don’t think that makes Iron Flask lesser quality, THEY ARE NOT. Iron Flask lids, bottles, and quality are excellent. Another brand getting some attention is Yeti. Yeti products are also crazy tough and keep their contents cold and hot ALL DAY. They have a larger selection of products, like travel mugs, coolers, and cups. They are a great product as well, but you will definitely pay more for their stuff. When the bottles get big, they are a great deal more expensive.

If you have already purchased an Iron Flask Bottle, we want to hear from you. We genuinely love this company and the bottles they make. I back them 100%. They have good vision and goals that will help reduce the use of plastic bottles on our planet. The bottles come with a warranty and if you’re not happy they will offer a replacement or issue a refund.

Iron Flask Bottles Help the Planet

Be sure to check out our post about the impotance of using metal water bottles. This is an issure we are passionate about and we haven't bought plastic water bottles now in months. Thanks to stainless steel bottles, especially from Iron Flask, we made an immediate change in our life style and impact on the planet. Please join us.

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