HydrateM8 – Reusable Water Bottles Review

 I just love love love Summer.

What I love more about Summer is going picnicking with family and friends. As always we tried making sure that we’ve packed plenty of water with us so that we won’t end up buying plastic bottled water anywhere we go.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Hydratem8. A company that recognised the need to reduce plastic bottles packaging. They have come up with a solution – a step closer to helping us live in a more plastic-free environment.

They have 4 products in focus:

  • Tracker Water Bottles
  • Insulated Water Bottle
  • Food Pots
  • Guzzler

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Tracker Water Bottles – The Test


I was lucky enough to have been sent to test out three of their Tracker Water Bottles. They are:


HydrateM8 - Reusable Water Bottles Review

Here’s how we got on:

I have a confusion to make, I’m never good at drinking water throughout the day, I’ve always been in  more favour for tea or coffee in replacement of water. I know I should drink more as I keep constantly getting migraine all-the-time. It was interesting to see how much my migraine has slowly been diminishing after only a few days I drank only nothing but water from Hydratem8 premium water bottle.

These bottles are pretty special. They have patented schedule on the back where I can keep on track of how much I should be drinking throughout the day. From 8am to 12noon, it would have little motivation letterings like “Remember to Drink” and “That’s it”“Keep Drinking!”“Nearly There”“Good Job!”, and “Refill” and again from 2pm – 6pm. I love my design – “I CAN AND I WILL”. These words of encouragement is such a great way to start off my day.

HydrateM8 - Reusable Water Bottles Review

Both my E&E were ecstatic when they received the bottles. Ethan is already crazy about dinosaur and Evelyn just love the beautiful butterflies pattern. Both E&E have unfortunately takes after me about my bad habit of not drinking enough water throughout the day. With Evelyn, she only have half a day at nursery, so it’s not too bad that I can keep an eye on her whilst she is at home with me for the rest of the day.

Ethan on the other hand is the polar opposite. I kept telling Ethan that drinking water will help his concentration when learning at school and therefore he’ll learn more that way. Still, at the end of the day, he’d come out with dried and broken lips, somethings even blooded lips too! I cringed because he doesn’t drink enough water. But since he had his Hydratem8 dinosaur premium water bottle, he has been enjoying drinking water even without realising it. I can see straightaway weather or not he has been drinking enough at school as the water level indicator will tell me so.

These Hydratem8 premium water bottles also comes with a small long brush that help the cleaning of the straw a little easier. Plus it is dishwater machine safe too! Hooray! Ethan had so many bottles in the last 6 months alone and some the label would peeled off just after few washes in the dishwasher, or that the bottle would be deformed into some weird shape that the bottle can not be use again. And some would have been accidentally get dropped by Ethan and smashed within days at school. Each costing me around £5 – £9. I only wished I’d have discovered Hydratem8 earlier! With £14.99 per bottle but lasting me over a month now, has been such a godsend!

In fact, these patterns have been so popular that they have now sold out! But you may also like to have a browse on their for other popular patterns on their SHOP too.

I personally like this one:

PEACH 900ML HYDRATION TRACKER WATER BOTTLE – with the lettering “BE THE CHANGE”. I like that nothing more inspiring than to the change starting from within you.

Picnicking with HydrateM8 - Reusable water bottles & food pots review.

Our Verdict

Would I recommend Hydratem8 Tracker Water Bottles? Yes! Definitely Yes! I only wished I’ve discovered Hydratem8 earlier! I have use many that are similar to this before and I must say Hydratem8 water bottle has set a very high bar.

Summer is here as we know it and the perfect time to use them, as we seem to have been blessed with a continuous sunshine and hot weather in the past couple of weeks. You really don’t want to be dehydrated under these hot weather. Especially if you are going camping and from festival goers out there. It is so important to keep hydrating yourselves.

We are more than certain you’ll enjoy using these as much as we do. Grab the ones you want now, before it sold out again! Your welcome! 🙂

Thank you for reading!

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