Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Review: Is It a Smart Choice?

Traditionally, electric skateboards were novelty commuter vehicles used for show off. Fast-forward, e-skateboards have evolved, with the sophistication and technology incorporated growing in bounds allowing users to get around effortlessly.

Yet, only a handful, electric skateboards have really stood out.

Understandably so, the quality for the modern e-skateboard is up in the ceiling, and so it’s challenging for brands to stand out.

Probably, the only brands which have long been associated with quality electric skateboarding are Boosted Board and Inboard M1.

But that was until Halo, a privately owned company, came into the limelight.

Launched in 2015, Halo gained traction pretty fast, and this is largely because of their quality manufacturing.

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Review: Is It a Smart Choice? 1

Halo broke into the scene with their Halo Board Carbon Edition, popularly known as Halo 2. Halo 2 was touted as the lightest electric skateboard in the market.

It was quite a performer too, and a whole lot of fun to use.

Now, the manufacturer is at it again, and this time, they’ve launched Halo Board Beast, an e-skateboard set to compete with the best of the best in the market.

What is the Halo Beast Board Electric Skateboard?

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard

Halo Beast Skateboard is an upgrade to the already popular Halo 2.

See, while Halo 2 was an amazing skateboard, it was often plagued by several mechanical defects, including an inferior braking system and a stiff deck.

The Halo Beast aims to rectify all the flaws on its predecessor, while at the same time building upon the good features of Halo 2.

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Is it any better than Halo 2?

Yes. Halo Beast is leaps and bounds ahead of Halo 2 in everything you might think of; from the performance, design, power to durability.

To give you an idea of what the step-up has to offer, we’ve prepared a comprehensive Halo Beast review, outlining everything you need to know about this electric skateboard.

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Review: Is It a Smart Choice? 2

Features and Specifications

Top speed- 26mph

Range- 25 miles

Motor- 3200W

Weight- 23 pounds

Weight Capacity- 286 pounds

Charge time- 4-5 hours

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Main Features:

  • Riders Weight Limit | 286 lbs
  • Motor | 3200 watt
  • Range | 25 miles
  • Battery | 10.4Ah Certified FireSafe Lithium Ion Battery
  • Speed | 26 mph

Design and Construction

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Review: Is It a Smart Choice? 3

Aesthetically speaking, few electric skateboards are as chic as the Halo Beast.

The maple deck alongside the carbon fiber battery pack offers a sensationally aesthetic e-skateboard.

Maple, in particular, is a great option for skateboards, thanks to its durability and ability to handle the rougher rides with ease.

Unfortunately, the material construction is rather bulky (23 pounds). While going light is usually better, it also means sacrificing range and power. But Halo Beast strikes a balance between weight and performance.

Moving on, the 37 inches deck on the Halo Beast is an inch longer than that of Halo 2. Sure, the difference isn’t big, but trust me, it makes a huge difference, especially regarding the ride performance. Halo Beast has a smoother ride and a more stable performance.

While both skateboards are only 4.5 inches tall, Halo Beast has an advantage because of the bigger 97mm wheel for greater ground clearance and a smoother ride. The wheels aren’t too big either, and keep the board low enough for handling and carving.

The all-new double Kingpin Ultra-Carve truck turns the Halo Beast into a carving king, allowing you to take the sharp turns and surf the streets with greater ease, more stability, and better handling.

Speed and Range

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard

Halo Beast is built for speed; the DualDirect-Drive brushless motor system propels riders to blazing speeds of 26 mph, and is capable of tackling inclines of up to 25% with ease.

Sure, both the power and torque are not so great, but the performance is still impressive, especially considering most of the high-end skateboards can only manage to tackle inclines of 20%.

Range is where Halo Beast excels, and this is largely because of the 10.5 Ah batteries.  While the 25 miles range is by no means the highest, it’s a pretty decent range, especially for its class.

The regenerative braking system allows battery recharging to take you even further than you would expect on a single charge.

Unfortunately, the Beast takes a long time of 5 hours to recharge.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Halo Beast comes with a remote control option for easy user experience.

The control allows for multi-mode operation, letting you choose and operate 3 speeds depending on comfort level.

The lowest mode offers the easiest and most comfortable riding experience for the new riders, while the fast mode unlocks greater higher speeds.

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard Review: Is It a Smart Choice? 4

Safety Features

Safety is a priority, especially for powerful equipment such as the Halo Beast.

That said, the folks at Halo have gone all out to ensure a safe skateboarding experience on the Halo Beast.

Notably, both the battery and the charger are certified to meet certain standards.

Nonetheless, it’s crucial to note that these features don’t really matter if you don’t prioritize safety when riding. You must ensure you’ve the proper safety gear with you and avoid high speeds.

Halo Board Beast Electric Skateboard


·         Lightweight

·         Fast

·         Greater control

·         Easy to handle

·         Powerful

·         Can tackle steep inclines


·         Extended charging time

Who is the Halo Board Beast For?

First, the Beast can be a great option for those with Halo 2 and looking to upgrade to a more performance-oriented e-skateboard.

And because the Halo Beast has a great range and battery life, it’s an inspiring option for users who need to cut on their car usage and find a sustainable commute method.

The manufacturer also specifies the age limit for the Halo Beast. It's not a means to kids, but rather teens above ten years.

Finally, the Halo Beast can be a great option if you're simply looking for a fun and fast way to commute. Halo Beast is reliable, holding up well even in the moderately rugged terrain, especially when you swap the wheels for all-terrain.


Halo Best Electric Board embodies everything good with Halo 2, but it now takes everything to new levels.

The performance, including range, and power has been upped considerably, while features such as the deck have been elongated for more stability and a smoother ride.

The board also lives up to its name, with a beastly and rugged look for the rugged terrains.

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