Hail Protector Review

When I was researching for our blog, I ran across the Hail Protector and just had to look into it further.  I mean, it looks like spaceship or something when it’s all blown up.  How can you not at least be intrigued?  Obviously, I had to do a Hail Protector review of their car cover system.  After all, that’s what we do here.


First, let’s discus what the Hail Protector is.  Is it a car cover?  Is it a balloon?  In fact, it’s a car cover that balloons up to form a protective layer of air around your automobile.  In essence, a hail protection shelter of sorts.  It’s this air barrier that cushions the force of anything coming into contact with it, whether that’s hail or baseballs or melons as you’ll see in some of their testing videos like this one.

In addition to the remote, the Hail Protector also comes with several other accessories.  These include 110vAC, 12V (car power), and a battery holder for powering the system, as well as a branded bag for carrying all the loose items. 

The moment you’ve all be waiting for…


If you’re really still waiting for this, you didn’t watch the video above.  Yes, it works pretty well.  In fact, there are videos all over the internet of this product fending off a barrage of balls, rocks, and other objects.  Besides hail protection, this cover also protects against rain, dust, UV rays, and wind.  It also doubles as a standard car cover.  See below for pictures before and after inflation. 

hail protector inflated deflated

During our research for this Hail Protector review, we saw lots of positive feedback and comments.  Actual users say it’s a great investment and that they are always ready for a hailstorm now.   In fact, I encourage you to visit the Amazon reviews on this product and see what you think for yourself.


Hail Storm Products LLC, the company started in 2011 to distribute the Hail Protector claims there is nearly $1B in hail damage to automobiles each year in the Continental US.  They go on to say that not only is there devastating financial loss with the damaged vehicles, but the damage can create further inconvenience to the owners.  First, you have to get a quote.  Then, there’s lining up the rental car (hopefully your car insurance covered a rental car).  Eventually, you get to take your car in to be repaired.  This can take a long time if you’re in an area that was hit hard by hail since everyone will be going to the same 2-3 repair garages.

Ultimately, there is a need for this product.  I mean, a large part of the country does experience hail each year and almost all of us drive cars.  But, how big is the need?  The Midwest and Great Plains between Spring and Fall are most commonly when and where hailstorms occur.  If you park your vehicle outside in these areas of the country, this is probably a good fit.  Obviously, if you’ve found our review, you probably have a use-case for this product.  If so, there’s not really anything else like it on the market.  In my opinion, for what you’re getting, it’s priced fairly.  On top of that, the convenience of buying it at Amazon with free shipping makes it winner for me!

Yes, there are cheaper car covers out there.  And, if parking your baby in the garage is all you do, this product isn’t for you anyway.  However, if you keep your car outside, or travel in the middle of the country, this might be just what you need.  Let’s face it, the cost of this cover is likely less than your insurance deductible if you get hail damage.  Not to mention those who don’t even have hail insurance coverage!

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