Gigi Pip - Shaping Your Style with Classy Hats

Your unique sense of fashion needs a unique clothing item that can express the best of you. Our fashion-driven world has brought diversity to how we dress. In fact, people have found their identities that they proudly associate with their dressing style. Whether it’s your passion for jewellery or obsession with the classy taste in shoe wear, you deserve a unique accessory to stand out in the crowd.

Agree or not, hats make your outfit look more classy and fashionable. The best part is that hats go with a variety of outfits you wear. Whatever your fashion aspirations are, all you need is an impressive collection of hats in your closet to kill it every time you go out. So, where to find the amazing hat collection that suits your every mood and liking? Worry no more, because you are going to find out the best of hats made to impress people around you.

Gigi Pip provides a wide range of hats inspired by diverse fashion senses. The company aims to bless you with the best of hats so that your outfit never looks basic. Besides what appears as a classy fashion with hats, the quality and reliability is also a great concern for you and the company understands it very well. Gigi pip brings you hats made with quality kept as priority and fashion that doesn’t look ordinary. To make hats your go-to accessory, you must go for some flawless quality hats whose charm will never wither away!


Where it Started

With the understanding that there was just too much of a gap in the market for good headwear, John and Ginger came up with an exclusive collection of hats that won so many hearts. Also, affordability was a great obstacle for women to wear hats they love. During the times of the establishment of Gigi Pip, most of the people were able to afford a twenty-dollar piece of felt that was hanging around for five hundred dollars. So, besides the desire for classy hats right in women’s wardrobes, there was a huge question of the availability of affordable as well as high-quality hats in the corporate market. The aim was to achieve both affordability and availability of classy hats for women with great fashion senses.

 John with his brilliant business idea helped their company to set up Gigi Pip that became a leading producer of women’s hats that are sold at reasonable prices. Today, Gigi pip has given women the power to be more confident in whatever they wear wherever they go. Gigi Pip is proudly a customer-centred hat selling brand that prioritizes customer satisfaction and happiness. 

The best part of reaching out to Gigi Pip for your hat fashion taste is that they provide you guidance with just an email. If you are unable to find the hat you want, you can just send a request and If it is possible for Gigi Pip, then you may be able to see what you wanted on their collection within a period of a few months.

Why Gigi Pip?

Indeed, there is great competition in the market with various famous selling brands. Whenever we go for online shopping, our mind gets filled with questions regarding the quality, price, shipping, and a lot more degrading concerns. When speaking of hats, you must be confident about what suits you the best. From the perfect size to a colour that truly complements various outfits you wear, the hats you buy must be appropriate for different occasions. So, what makes Gigi Pip best for you? You are about to find it.


Designs for Every Liking

You will find a wide range of designs in hats by Gigi Pip. Felt hat collection comes with a variety including the wide brim, floppy hats, straight brim fedora, short brim, and many more. If you want to go for something beyond ordinary, choose ultra-stiff feltEmma or the wide brim hatDahlia. Additionally, straw hats for women by Gig Pip also bring some uniquely designed hats such as floppy sun hats, packable sun hats, gardening hat, Panama straw hat, etc. You can also choose from ballcaps, caps, and beanies made for women. Not only that, Gigi Pip deals in hats for kids and men also.

High-Quality Hats

Gigi Pip hats are manufactured with detailing by high expertise in Salt Lake City, Utah, United States. The company produces hats all over the world including China. Highly experienced owners and teams often work in factories abroad to bring you the best hats without any lacking component.


Every hat is produced under continuous supervision which is why their merchandise errors are small bringing the best quality hats to your doorstep. The materials used for the production of hats come from different corners of the world including Europe and Australia.


No Compromise Over Material

Speaking of the stuff used for hats, Leather and straw are purchased from places that are famous for their best production and high-level creativity. Did you know that some online hats are also completely vegan or animal-free? Since wool is used in many items, many do use animal parts and If you are curious about any hat that you want, all you are supposed to do is inquire through an email with a link to the product and you will receive details as soon as possible.


Useful Service

Along with an impressive variety of hats by Gigi Pip, the brand also provides useful services to their customers so that they stay carefree while shopping for hats. Keeping customer satisfaction a priority makes Gigi Pip stand out from any other regular retailers. Their customer satisfaction goals include various possible concerns of the customers. The services by Gigi Pip are created with a customer-centred approach so that customers do not think twice when they look for that dream hat on their website.

Sizes for Everyone

 Do you know which hat size is ideal for you? Well, most of us usually don’t. If you are buying a hat for the first time, then you might face some trouble here. Usually, most of us even think of size as a big deal but Gigi Pip knows how important your hat size is which is why the website provides you useful information that helps you find the one that best fits your head.


Adjustable Hats

Furthermore, figuring out your size for the first time is another big concern for the customers. To efficiently address such problems, hats by Gigi Pip are equipped with movable straps. The technique used makes your hat more comfortable to wear without being worried about the right size. So, wear it as you like by easily adjusting it. A plus point about this feature in Gigi Pip hats is that you can wear the same hat for different occasions according to what angle will make it look perfect.

Full Replacement and Refund

Everything you buy on websites don’t meet your expectations all the time. Whenever you buy a product from Gigi pip, you are entitled to a full replacement or refund. Gigi Pip pays the return fee in case you opt for a replacement or refund. If you want to get a return, an eight-dollar handling fee will be deducted which seems better than no refund. If you are looking for an exchange, not a single penny will be deducted. Therefore, with Gigi Pip, you no longer need to buy things that you do not want to qualify for free shipping.


Designs by Gigi pip are made to impress as well as express. With a variety of styles in hats, Gigi pip offers women the freedom to be confident with whatever they wear. The company fairly takes care of the affordability and access for all the women who wish to stand out among the crowd. 

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