Gearbunch Leggings Reviews: Are They the Best Leggings in Town or Another Scam?

Your spandex requires a comfy and stretchy fit for a long day. Leggings should be comfortable and must compliment your body figure. It must be flexible, comfortable, and breathable to feel at ease. We bring you such a clothing brand that claims to work for the customer’s benefit. Allow us to offer you gearbunch leggings reviews so you can determine their authenticity.

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It is seen that Amazon is offering plain leggings in limited colors and denim material, whereas Gearbunch has a huge variety to choose from, all made of soft fabric for ease. Although Amazon’s prices are very low, up to a 60% decrease in cost is seen. So, when it comes to pricing, legging on Amazon is much cheaper. But when you want something trendy and rich in color, then Gearbuch is the perfect pick.

 What are their customer reviews?

The official website shows uncountable reviews with pictures, all of which seem very happy. The TrustPilot reviews show that this is a claimed website with 57% excellent reviews, but the main concern is the 30% bad reviews. If the firm is legit, why do 30% of its buyers complain about them? 

  •  One of the customers is in love with the product’s uniqueness and beauty, while the other is highly dissatisfied. She says that it is not of good quality at such high prices.
  •   A customer rated them poorly, claiming they do not offer a refund if the size does not fit after you try it. It means if you order the wrong size, then babe, there’s no turning back.

YouTube reviews show that the leggings are highly flexible and smooth. You can easily use them if you are an athlete or go to yoga classes.

Is Gearbunch a Scam or Legit?

gearbunch legit or scam

The main question for every online store is about its legitimacy. We all have concerns before buying from such brands. 

They have social media handles on only one platform. Gearbunch Leggings have a Facebook account but are not present on other platforms. However, they have about 224.8k fans here, which is a good number. They even have a group on Facebook with the name GearBunch-Behind the Scenes. It is a public group for its VIP customers with 672 members.

They have very high prices. Their price range starts at $88, which is very expensive considering a single legging. Their leggings with pockets are costlier and reach $100.

They have good product quality. The official website states that this firm offers handmade items and manufacturers them after you place an order.

The scam advisor shows a low trust score. Running them on a scam advisor will show you 34% trust. Isn’t it very low?

Although the website looks authentic, certain points make it run low on confidence, like

  • The website runs low on scam servers.
  • The owner of the website is hiding its identity.


Are they safe to order?

Perhaps yes. Seeing all those mixed reviews, we can say that there is an 80% chance that the product will be good.

Does Gearbunch have a good return policy?

Yes, they seem to offer a good seven-day return policy. You can return any wrong or damaged item, but some customers face issues with replacing and refunding items. However, they do not share the real link in return; you have to call them for it. So, it is a little tricky at times.

Do they offer free shipping?

No, you must pay the shipping charges if you buy under $100. However, a cart worth more than $100 gets free shipping.

Can I cancel my order without charge?

Yes, but if you cancel it before processing. Once the order is processed and dispatched, you cannot cancel it.

Customer Service

Their main priority is good customer service. Gearbunch Leggings claim that its customers are its top priority. They pride themselves on their customer satisfaction, committing to always providing the best quality product

 Payment Options

The only payment mode here is PayPal. You can only use this mode to pay your bills after ordering.

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