Epiphanie Brooklyn Bag Review + Ten must have items for your bag!

I love bags. I use them for everything – from carrying books and toys for my kids, to my laptop and camera. When it comes to bags – the old saying is true – size matters. You want a bag that fits what you need it for. If I am going on a trip and need to take my camera, laptop, and many other devices and accessories – then I am going to want a larger bag – but not something overwhelming. I fell in love with my Epiphanie Brooklyn Bag simply because it offers all of that AND still has great style and colors. The combination of size, style, and color all come together to create perfect bags. Epiphanie creates these kinds of bags.

Epiphanie Brooklyn Bag Review + Ten must have items for your bag!

Packed with quality and style, Epiphanie offers one of a kind bags to those of us that can’t stand to leave home without our technology. I take my laptop with me almost everywhere I go. I also take my Canon T3i digital camera just as much, because I don’t want to miss anything when it comes to my kids, or experiences that we have. I have the Brooklyn Bag by Epiphanie and I am so thrilled at how I am able to fit everything I need in it – and still look stylish and be comfortable.

Epiphanie Brooklyn Bag Review + Ten must have items for your bag!

As you can see we were able to easily fit our laptop, digital camera (keep in mind this is a Digital SLR with a Battery Grip so it takes up a lot of space), extra lens, charging cable, planner, and many other things into the bag. Even after all of that I still have room for other things like my external hard drive, stuff for my kids, etc. I love the padded interior, and how well the bag protects all of my gear. The exterior is a soft durable material that cleans up well (important when you have four kids). There are so many pockets and most of them zip which I love. I also love that the top of this bag zips closed AND still has a flap to cover it – which offers extra protection.

I love that I can wear the Epiphanie Brooklyn Bag with a strap like a purse, or it has two straps that make it like a backpack. Both are comfortable. The snap closures hold very well. I can put so much into this bag and still have plenty of pockets for all of my must haves.

Are you wondering what you should put in your “perfect” bag? Here is a list of my top ten must haves:

  1. Gum
  2. Lip gloss
  3. Lotion
  4. Hand sanitizer
  5. Sun glasses
  6. Camera
  7. Phone
  8. External battery charger
  9. Wallet
  10. Tablet or laptop

Epiphanie Brooklyn Bag Review + Ten must have items for your bag!

Wither you are looking for a small handbag that will still carry your camera, or a large bag that you can put everything in (like mine) you will find what you are looking for with Epiphanie.

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